Aestrid, Laura Palmer, KRAZ, Poptrash – juni 15th, Sugarfactory

AestridLaura PalmerKRAZPoptrash Soundsystem
Location: Sugarfactory, small hall
Date/times: Friday June 15th, 20:00-23:00
Presale tickets: €8,50 – (incl. service fees) via
Door sale: €10,50

On the night of June 15th, three wonderful live acts and DJ’s will blow Sugarfactory away. Aestrid, Laura Palmer and Kraz bring melancholic sounds with lots of synths and guitars, the Poptrash Soundsystem (Sick Boy & Young Wolf) takes care of indie and electronic sounds before and after the band performances.

Laura Palmer
Laura Palmer combines layered guitars in melodic songs. Alternating with drones and soundscapes, produces the four-piece band a sound that reminds you of shoegaze from the early 90’s. But that’s not all, influences from contemporary post-rock can also be heard. It is in this way that Laura Palmer creates nu-gaze, an accessible form of shoegaze with post-rock influences.
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Aestrid is a three-piece band from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Their sound balances between post-punk and ambient music meeting the wideness of shoegaze in the middle. While the members of the band were dominated by perfectionism in the early days, they now rely more on their improvising skills. As long as the feeling remains the same.
Every show is known to be an intense experience for both audience and band. Not holding back and delivering everything until the last note.
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From KRAZ, you can expect compelling, violent synth wave. They combine influences from the 80s with heavy beats and chant melancholic texts from the present. Radio Mortale awarded the single Lonely as their hit of the week. Nowadays the band has two new members and that certainly does not go unnoticed: as a four-piece they became an act even louder than before.
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Poptrash Residents Sick Boy and Young Wolf play indie, electro, dance and more during the evening. Actually, everything that is catchy and has an edge comes along. Listen here to their playlists on Spotify to warm up for this evening >

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