Laura Palmer was formed in The Hague in the year 2012. The band’s name Laura Palmer wasn’t only chosen because she was the main character in one of the best television series ever made. No, also to deceive people thinking Laura Palmer is one of those singer/songwriter kind of galls. Of course she is not!

Laura Palmer’s music can be characterized as Nugaze. Laura combines layered guitars and drums into well structured melodic songs. Influenced by Joy Division and New Wave bands like The Cure, The Sound and Echo & The Bunnymen Laura produces a wall of sound in a dynamic and melodic kind of way. In addition to this Laura mixes more or less early nineties Shoegaze and modern Post rock. The outcome is surprisingly authentic and real.

Laura Palmer is:

  • Rob Kanters - Lead vocals & guitar
  • Rob Huurman - Guitar
  • Mark Doorschodt - Bass
  • Gabriel Huisman - Drums